Do you really need a wedding planner in Marbella and Estepona?

What´s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a wedding planner? Depending on your unique wedding planning situation, it can be a few things, however, if you´re budget cautious, one word more than likely comes to mind – expensive.

The Big Day has a date!


Yes, it´s shamelessly true – weddings mean the world to us girls. Most of us dream of this day starting pretty early in life, even though we´re thinking a princess wedding, it´s a wedding day none the less! So, the day comes when your partner finally pops the question, and the engagement is underway; now it´s time to start planning.

Planning for our wedding is equally important, and helps build personal and happy memories. Planning isn´t easy though, and things can get stressful rather quickly. Wedding planners can remedy those types of situations, especially for career women who simply don´t have enough time to properly plan and prepare. Many however, feel that wedding planners are an extra added luxury that can come with a hefty price tag. Price tags of course, will often depend on the type of wedding planner you might want to hire.

Do you really need a wedding planner?

First, let´s dispel the myths surrounding wedding planners or wedding coordinators as they are sometimes called. In many ways, most don´t envy the magical world of a wedding planner, it can almost seem like an endless stream of stress and fear – fear of forgetting any important aspect of a client’s wedding day.

A wedding planner’s secret isn´t as magical as you might think, and although they can certainly make your life much easier, the job requires certain skills along with relationships that can make your wedding day incredible.

Top 5 Jobs of a Wedding Planner

So, what can you really expect from an experienced wedding planner? There are plenty of pros…in fact you won´t find many cons when it comes to hiring an experienced wedding planner for the big day. We´ve narrowed the list down to a top 5:

#1 Time Line Construction and that Effortless Flow

This the element where magic truly exits for the experienced wedding planner. A tight schedule that is strictly adhered to is set up way in advance for your wedding day. A wedding planner makes sure things and special coordinated events infused in your reception or otherwise goes off without a hitch.

#2 Dealing with Vendors

This is probably the last thing you want to deal with, imagine the scenario for just a moment: You´ve personally booked everyone in your planning efforts, which includes DJ, Caterer, Flowers ect. Usually it is customary (and smart) to confirm a month in advance, and even a week before for good measure. You are horrified to find out that one of your vendors has double booked. This is no imaginary, rarely happens kind of scenario…this happens far more often than you think!

Your wedding planner has got this covered, and has a long list of vendors on standby. This goes back to “Relationships”, and the partnerships an experienced wedding planner has built over the years.

#3 Disaster Aversion

No matter how well things might be planned out, something, even the tiniest of things will go wrong – it´s almost a law of the Universe. Wedding planners are ready for just about everything – even Uncle Bob who tends to hit the bar early. Many disasters have been nipped in the butt without so much as hint that they happened.

#4 The Ultimate Middleman

When it comes right down to it, your wedding planner is responsible for one thing and one thing only – your happiness. You shouldn´t be bogged down with trying to remember things or catering to certain guests who demand extra attention. A planner works closely with every aspect of the wedding including the bar hands, caterers, DJ, and Photographer. The planner makes herself or himself known early in the game – meaning, everyone at your wedding will know where to go if a huge problem arises.

#5 Your Best Interests

A wedding planner keeps your best interests in mind. Did the caterer leave a huge mess behind? That´s okay, because the planner will clean up the mess. Or did the table clothes you rented come with stains? No worries, because your planner will get you a full refund. The wedding planner will hand out final payments to the vendors…and God help them that they did a good job!

So, in conclusion and to answer or first question – do you need a wedding planner? No, but you might just want one! If it´s costs that concern you, we´ve got great news…planning your wedding with Tikitano? If so, you get a free wedding planner with the package! Check out our packages and get in touch – leave us a comment below, and help us give you the tips you need and want.

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