Semi Exclusivity

If your wedding consists of a small amount of guests, and you don´t think you can afford to close the restaurant or there is no need to close the restaurant, you can choose SEMI exclusivity. This means, we close off half of the restaurant for you. This includes the terrace, the outside bar, the garden terrace and the garden for your ceremony. All this will be privately booked for you at no extra charge and without a minimum spend.

Semi exclusivity does mean there are a few small restrictions. For example, the music can not be outside after midnight (but we have a banqueting room where you can stay until the early hours) and the timing of seating is essential (preferably before 19.30).

With Semi exclusivity, other guests will dine in the restaurant, but if you eat early, you probably won´t see them at all! The restaurant gets busy in the summer from around 21.00 hrs, so if you eat at 19.00 hrs, you will be starting your first dance when the other guests come in.

Navy Blue Theme