The Best Wedding Proposals Ever - Top 6 Videos

Grab Your Tissues!

Thanks to online video sites like Youtube, we’ve had the fortunate pleasure of witnessing those romantic moments that make up a wedding proposal. In the past few years, “over the top” wedding proposals have become even more popular, and it almost seems like each proposal gets better than the last. The past few years showed us some incredible and tear jerking proposals, and in 2013 things got even more creative. It will be interesting to see if any of the following videos can be topped in 2014.

We have to admit, narrowing the best wedding proposals ever, down to a mere top 6 was difficult; but we managed to put together a list of videos that are guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and giggle.
So, grab your tissues and get ready for TikiTano’s top 6 video list of the best wedding proposals ever!

The Harry Potter Wedding Proposal

Turning fandom into a live adventure filled with riddles, puzzles and surprises was one man’s mission for his girlfriend. Andrea is a big fan of Harry Potter, and her boyfriend’s plan was nothing short of epic. Check out this very creative and heart-warming proposal in Harry Potter style!

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Horror Movie Trailer Wedding Proposal

Last year there were several “movie trailer” themed wedding proposals; which no doubt cost a pretty penny! But, the following proposal that takes place in Poland is by far one of our favs.

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Plane Crash Proposal

What better way to propose when facing your ultimate demise? Whether you might think this is just a tad morbid or incredibly creative and sweet, we leave it up to you to decide. We, however, absolutely loved it!

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American Mob Style Proposal

This is by far one the most popular proposals floating around the internet. An American television show called Mobbed took part in a wedding proposal that needless to say, was way over the top!

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The Flash Mob Proposal

What would this list be without a flash mob? Yes, these types of proposals seem to pop-up by the hundreds online from every corner of the globe every day. But, this particular flash mob that took place at Disney Land leaves you with a warm feeling, especially the complete shock on the young ladies face. This featured professional dancers and cameras at every angle, a very well thought out proposal.

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The Live Lip-Dub Proposal

This wedding proposal is our all-time favourite, at least so far. The reasons are clear the minute you hit play. This proposal was very creative, and heart-warming. The song of course was and still is one of the best proposal songs to come along in many years. And getting everyone involved is one of the sweetest ways to propose to the love of your life.

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Do you have any favourites not listed here? Drop us a comment below and let us know!

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